[School-of-data] Memories of Michael

Lucy Chambers lucy at fedia.net
Mon Sep 21 19:23:01 UTC 2015

Dear all,

Final message from me on this topic as we now have a plan for what to do 
with your wonderful contributions.

Just to let you know that the online memorial, built by Michael’s 
colleague Fin is now online and it’s great!


This is *the* central place where we will be curating memories and is 
open to submissions from all. There are already a few in there and I 
suspect a few waiting in the moderation queue.

What next?

Even if you have already shared a message on the Facebook wall or to me 
or if you have yet to do so, I invite you to post it there in a place 
that will be more visible to the vast array of people that he interacted 
with far beyond the School of Data community.

Via the online site, there is also an opportunity to share a private 
message with the friends and family, which will not be made public on 
the site.

Those of you who have submitted high resolution photographs to me (or 
still want to - you have nearly 3 hours!) these will go into a printed 
photo book for the family. We felt it would be lovely to share some of 
the wonderful things Michael did with this online, international 
community in an incredibly offline form, for safe keeping and pondering.

Take care everyone,


On 21 Sep 2015, at 0:02, Lucy Chambers wrote:

> Dear all,
> Thank you so much for your wonderful submissions. I’m hoping to 
> submit things for print in the next couple of days so if you could 
> please send me any last submissions at the latest by 11:59 CEST - 
> Monday 21st September if you would like your pictures to be included 
> in a physical photo album, that would be wonderful.
> There will also be an online memorial site where it will be possible 
> to post messages and pictures on an ongoing basis but that is still 
> under construction.
> In the meanwhile, if anyone would like to contribute to the site 
> itself, please contact Fin as per his message here:
> https://twitter.com/fin/status/644643312998072320
> Thank you all for all of your messages so far, it has been wonderful 
> looking through them and remembering,
> Lucy
> On 15 Sep 2015, at 0:26, Lucy Chambers wrote:
>> Dear friends,
>> You may already have heard about the devastating loss of the world's 
>> premier Data Diva, Michael Bauer, who worked at School of Data right 
>> from the beginning of the project until last year.
>> Michael travelled and met and helped more people than any one person 
>> could ever hope to keep track of. (Man, I was his manager for two 
>> years and I hardly knew where he was…) It would be amazing to hear 
>> stories from around the world of the amazing things he did.
>> The Internet is a fragmented place and we would love to capture and 
>> consolidate memories from that journey to share and preserve offline 
>> and online in one place for friends and family alike.
>> As a result, I would like you to invite to send memories of Michael 
>> to a team of curators who will consolidate them and make them 
>> available to everyone who is interested. Ideally, they should 
>> include:
>> * a geographic location (yes, the Internet counts)
>> * an image [if you have one]
>> * a message, handwritten or typed
>> Based off what people submit, we will then curate these and work out 
>> the most appropriate mechanism to present them. There will definitely 
>> be an offline version for his loved ones, recommendations also 
>> welcomed for online spaces.
>> Please email me directly on Lucy [at] fedia . net - or tweet them to 
>> me at @lucyfedia. For any particularly large files - please contact 
>> me as above and we will establish a solution.
>> I will ensure to share on this mailing list when the collection is 
>> finished. Thank you for helping us celebrate a wonderful - and truly 
>> idiosyncratic human being,
>> Lucy and friends
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