[science-at] Open Access Policy for Faculties

Stefan Kasberger stefan.kasberger at gmx.at
Wed Jun 26 17:26:50 UTC 2013


yesterday I read a paper about how to implement Open Access effectively
on American faculties. They deliver a good guidance, but it only works
for the US. Cause of the basic differences in how Austria and USA
handles intellectual property and some minor questions, I don't know if
this is easy to transfer into an guidance for Austrian faculty members,
but I think, from the legal perspective, it's even easier here in Austria.

"Opening the door: How faulty authors cam implement an open access
policy at their institutions".

The guidance describes a 2 step scenario:
1) get the right on the work
2) publish it in a repository

So some questions arose, maybe someone can help me on this.

1) Is it wise for faculties to demand the (1) nonexclusive, (2)
irrevocable, (3) worldwide, (4) perpetual, and (5) non-commercial rights
from the scientific staff they employ??

2) How is it with multi publishing? Which contract overwrites which?
Which principles and rights count more?

3) How would the guidance work with multi authorship here? Or especially
in international right (mostly, the co-authors are from foreign countries)?

4) Any other points I missed?

Would be very nice to work out a guidance like this as a short blog post
together and offer also a template for communcation with publishers, as
appended to the paper.

So, give as much feedback as you can, and especially legal support in IP
would be good.

cheers, stefan

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