[science-at] 1st openscienceASAP livestream this Saturday

Stefan Kasberger mail at stefankasberger.at
Thu Mar 12 13:48:02 UTC 2015


we are broadcasting our first live open science hangout on Saturday. The
new DIY-Biolab from Montréal (bricobio) invited us to present the idea
of Open Science to them. Additionally we will try to show some best
practices and applications of open principles usefull for biohackers (as
good as possible for non-experts in this field). At the end there will
be an extensive Q&A session (25min), where everybody from the lab and
the web can ask us.

This is the first time we try to stream something via Google Hangout and
Youtube live, so we hope to see some people joining and discussing with
us to find out the opportunities of this really interesting service.

Cheers, Stefan

*Stefan Kasberger*
*E* mail at stefankasberger.at
*W* www.openscienceASAP.org
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