[the-datatank] newbie on the loose

Marc Portier marc.portier at gmail.com
Wed Mar 14 13:52:31 UTC 2012

Hi all,

Have just started playing with the datatank, and am getting stuck on
the SHP support.

The related [SHP] section is not showing up under the TDTInfo/Admin
  I know it has a dependency on php-base but I'm too new to php to
know where to look for what.
  I've been trying
    - http://linuxhints.blogspot.com/2006/06/i-needed-to-have-php-compiled-with.html
(failure during build on the launching an embedded mysql apparently)
    - http://www.calipus.com/blogs/install-and-configure-php-dbase-ubuntu-1010-and-php-5210
(there is no ext/dbase to be found)
  to no avail...

  Do I have php-dbase? How can I check?  If not how do I get it?

Any help and suggestions welcome.

Looking further I see that in fact CSV is the only resource type I
have information about in the TDTInfo... will I be able to start off
with XML and excel imports too?

And on the side:
 * what is the status on https://github.com/iRail/The-DataTank-GUI or
any alternative?
 * is an ajax UI possible: ie can PUT/DELETE be tunneled through POST?
(either through using  X-HTTP-Method header or some _method request


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