[Wg-economics-advisory] Notes from the first conference call of the Open Economics Advisory Panel

Velichka Dimitrova velichka.dimitrova at okfn.org
Thu Mar 22 18:59:55 UTC 2012

Dear all,

Thank you very much for taking the time to join the first conference call
of the Open Economics Advisory Panel, we appreciate your comments and input
and we hope that has been a useful exchange for you as well. We will try to
improve the structure of these calls according to the feedback we received.
The notes of the conference call are summarised here:

*## Agenda*

   - Introduction to the Working Group

   - Topics for the Working Group to focus on (including specific fields in
   economics and and other potential activities)

   - Academic workshop (planned for ~ Summer 2012). Precise date, topics
   and suggestions for speakers and people to invite

   - People to invite to the Advisory Panel

*# Participants*

David Levine
Albert Bravo-Biosca
Josh Lerner
Hans-Peter Brunner (joined later)
Rufus Pollock
Velichka Dimitrova

Bronwyn Hall (could not join because of dial-in problems)
Lionel Bently (apologies for not being able to join)
David Newbery (apologies for not being able to join)
Tariq Khokhar (apologies for not being able to join)

*## Activity of the Working Group*

   - Improving information sharing and utilization within economics both
   within academia and more broadly. More details at

   - Concretely: two workshops, building a community, some mini-projects

*## What should be the Focus*

3 main areas:

   - Economists to open up data

   - Other people to open up data that economists could use

   - Role that open data and content can play in broadening participation
   outside of pure academia

Greater weight on first two than the third.

*## Suggestions for Additional Members of Working Group **Advisory Panel*

Introductions from David Levine (*)

* Christian Zimmermann
* John Rust - software for journals <jrust at gemini.econ.umd.edu> (*)
* Economics at NSF, Matthew Lutz (*)
* Shane Greenstein at NBER and digitization project (Josh Lerner)

General suggest to contact journals:  Econometric Society, AEA ...

If you have any additional suggestions for people to invite as Advisory
Panel members, please let us know.
Could you possibly write an introduction e-mail cc-ing us?

*## Open Datasets*

In addition to openness

   - Easy accessibility

   - Permanence (Providers disappear) (Institution along the lines of

   - Formatting and Standardisation

   - Programming issues (making data conversion easy or doing the data
   conversion directly

   - Reproducability and Validation

Is data available -- what's the situation? Should we do research here?
Crowd-sourcing data collection about existing papers (to students) once
format is there

Journals and data archiving

   - Enlist archives participation

   - Likely support archiving and data conversion

   - Greater benefit for the journals?


   - Circulate poll for timing of workshop

   - Follow up on Advisory Panel suggestions

   - Circulate workshop outline proposal

If you mind any issues missing in the summary and would like to add
something, please do so.

Velichka Dimitrova
Open Economics Working Group Coordinator
Open Knowledge Foundation

Dr Rufus Pollock
Co-Founder and Board Member, Open Knowledge Foundation
Centre for Intellectual Property and Information Law, University of
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