[annotator-dev] Hi Nick, how are you going with annotator setup investigation? <eom>

Nick Stenning nick at whiteink.com
Thu Feb 9 11:03:32 UTC 2012

Hi Johnny,

> I tried annotator with the latest node.js and coffeescript, and got 35
> failures. Just wanted to confirm with you are they all caused by jsdom as
> you mentioned before?

Yes. As the test runner should have told you:

  "As of 2012-02-06, you could well be seeing up to 35 failures, due
to what looks like a bug in jsdom. Sorry about that."

In answer to question 1, I'll quote from an email I sent you earlier:

> For the time being, there's nothing actually wrong with the Annotator
> as far as I know, and the in-browser test runner (test/runner.html)
> works fine. Can you develop using that for the moment?

The failures aren't ours to solve -- they're caused by a bug in jsdom,
which I don't control. I currently have no plans to dump jsdom, as the
in-browser test runner provides a decent stop-gap.

> 2. Do you have any plan for mobile, I mean any adjustments, tests, or ui
> enhancements specific to mobile platforms?

I don't have any explicit plans, but it's something we're discussing,
so feel free to join in the conversation at:



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