[annotator-dev] New annotator-store 500 error

Ewald Zietsman ewald at siyavula.com
Thu Feb 16 20:50:59 UTC 2012

Hi All,

I installed the newest git version of the store and are trying to test it
with my current version of the annotator. I can get the store to run and
can navigate to the start page but I get a 500 error when I try to sign up
a new user. I have installed elasticsearch and followed the instructions on
github to install the store.

when I go to and enter user information I
get a message that says:

Errors found while attempting to sign up!

The terminal has a message that says: - - [16/Feb/2012 14:49:46] "POST /user/signup HTTP/1.1" 200 - - - [16/Feb/2012 14:49:46] "GET /favicon.ico HTTP/1.1" 404 -

Am I missing something?

Ewald Zietsman

Technical Coor**dinator*
Website: www.siyavula.com
The Open Innovation Studio, 27 Buitenkant Street, Cape Town, 8001

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