[annotator-dev] Annotator Dev Community Call (March 29th @ 5pm GMT)

Andrew@FinalsClub.org andrew at finalsclub.org
Fri Mar 9 20:33:10 UTC 2012

Dear All,

Thanks to those who filled out the doodle.  It looks like we will be holding the next Annotator Dev Community Call on March 29th @ 5pm GMT.  

I believe we will be holding the call over skype and taking notes on an etherpad, but Rufus and Nick, please do let us know if you have any other preferred means for holding virtual meetings.

I look forward to the call.  In the meantime, wish me luck at the meeting to help determine the final annotation spec with the folks from Open Annotation Collaboration as well as the Annotation Ontology group.  

More details about the (virtual) location of our upcoming call.  In the meantime, make note of the date: March 29th @ 5pm GMT

Talk soon,

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