[annotator-dev] No edit or delete buttons when using store + permissions plugins together

Rouan Wilsenach rwilsen at thoughtworks.com
Tue Aug 27 06:40:00 UTC 2013

Hi all

When I have only the store plugin active on my page, the edit and delete
buttons are displayed on each of my annotations (and saving/searching works

When I also activate the permissions plugin, however, these buttons are no
longer visible. There are no javascript errors on the page. This is the
case even when I have a really simple Permissions setup like:

annotator.annotator('addPlugin','Permissions', {
>   user: 'Alice',
> });

When I specify more options to the Permissions plugin and I debug the
'userAuthorize' method, it is returning true for both the update and delete
operations when I hover the mouse on an annotation. But it still doesn't
display the buttons. The display of the user name works fine and
searching/saving to the store works too.

Some info about my setup:
- Very simple custom store, written in rails, backed by postgres db
- Using annotator 1.2.7

Any ideas as to what I should be looking out for to debug this?

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