[annotator-dev] Questions on integrating annotator

Thomas Francart thomas.francart at sparna.fr
Tue Aug 27 15:56:08 UTC 2013

Hi Annotator folks

I am currently analyzing whether the annotator could be used in a project
of mine, and I would be glad if someone could provide some insights on the
questions below :

   - Can a plugin completely hide the "comment" part of an annotation ?
   (imagine I want to annotate only with a fixed list of values, no free text)
   or is the comment part mandatory ? follow-up question : can a plugin
   entirely replace the standard "comment box" displayed when annotating, by
   something else like a contextual menu ?
   - would it be technically feasible to allow the user to modify the span
   of an existing annotation (iow, drag the start or end of the highlighted
   text to modify the startOffset / endOffset of the annotation) ? now it
   seems one needs to delete and recreate a new annotation to do that, correct
   - what if the page is modified after annotations have been created ? if
   the text right before and right after the annotation can be stored on the
   annotation, it seems feasible to have heurisitcs that could (try to)
   replace the annotations on the correct piece of text if the content has
   moved. What do you think ? could a plugin add these extra field to an
   annotation ?
   - Is there already existing work to provide an RDF triplestore backend
   plugin based on the openannotation ontology [www.openannotation.org] ?
   (saw the lorestore plugin, and hypothes.is project, but could not
   determine if they implemented this)

Thanks for your time - and thanks for providing this valuable component

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