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Randall Leeds tilgovi at hypothes.is
Tue Oct 14 20:16:20 UTC 2014

On Tue, Oct 14, 2014 at 1:09 PM, Tim Casling <tcas at burwil.co.uk> wrote:

> I think #3 might be an issue with the HTML on my side.  It comes from an
> DITA XML->HTML transform and there is some strange ordering of elements.  I
> will investigate more, but it appears to be the first heading in the
> document whose stored annotation has no start or end range and when the
> page is populated with annotations the one with no start and end get
> repeated in other places.
> On #1, I have set loadFromSearch: false when loading the store plugin so I
> am now getting annotation without calling search.  However, it seems to be
> choosing ALL annotations.  How do I tell it to only retrieve them for the
> current URI.  When I had loadFromSearch set, I had annotationData set to
> uri: window.location.pathname to say which annotations it should find.  How
> do i do the same for loadAnnotations?

Ah. Sadly, I think there isn't a way on v1.2.x to add the Store plugin
without causing an initial search to happen. When I referred to
`loadAnnotations` I was thinking that you would get the annotations from
your data store with your own code, and then just pass them to annotator
directly, without a Store plugin. But alas. If you want to re-use the
existing Store plugin we'll want to modify it not to perform an initial
search if that's a need of yours.

> Apologies for the newbie questions.

No apologies necessary :-D
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