[ckan-discuss] i18n changes

Benoit Boissinot bboissin at gmail.com
Mon Jun 14 09:55:43 BST 2010

Dear ckan translators,

As you already know, the way the sentences were broken down for
translation was not really optimal.
When you had a string like:
"<a>CKAN</a> is a project of the <a>Open Knowledge Foundation</a>"

It resulted in three different strings to translate:
" is a project of the "
"Open Knowledge Foundation"
And the order of the strings had to be preserved.

In the upcoming releases we use a more recent version of the
templating toolkit (Genshi 0.6). The string extraction tool will now
generate the following string for translation:
"[1:CKAN] is a project of the [2:Open Knowledge Foundation]"

Which means that when translating you will have full sentences (if
note the case, please report it, it's a bug we can fix).
You will need to keep the [<number>:...] markup, but reordering will
be possible. For example like the following:

(in french)
"La [2:Fondation Open Knowledge] gère le projet [1:CKAN]"

There will be proper support for pluralization, so you will sometimes
have to give different form for different pluralizations, like here:

Going forward a new release is planned for the start of july. Maybe we
could plan a string freeze to let the translators catch up ?
(As you guessed, with the switch, there will be new strings to
translate, as we will now have whole sentences).



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