[ckan-discuss] no.ckan.net - how to improve translation

David Read david.read at okfn.org
Tue Mar 30 15:35:53 BST 2010

> The footer remains:
> An Open Knowledge Foundation Project
> String no. 79-81
> Here I have to put "project" before the OKFN name to get it to function in
> Norwegian.
> (Et prosjekt fra Open Knowledge Foundation)

The problem seems to be that "An", "OKF" and "Project" are separate
strings, because of OKF having a link. Benoit, isn't this is the sort
of thing the new releases of Babel/Genshi will sort out?

> On the package page, the link to check if a package is open is broken

Olav, good spotting! However is already fixed on the default branch.
So expect the fix to make it to your server in the next week or so.


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