[ckan-discuss] Datapkg 0.7b released

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Tue Oct 12 13:35:29 BST 2010

I've just put out a beta of a major new version of datapkg (see
Changelog below):

Release: <http://pypi.python.org/pypi/datapkg>
Docs: <http://packages.python.org/datapkg/>

There's a quick getting started section below (also see docs).

This is a substantial release with a lot of new features. As this is a
client app which will run on a variety of platforms its been released
as a beta first so there's a chance to catch any of the cross-platform
compatibility bugs that inevitably show up. [1]

I'd therefore really welcome any feedback especially regarding bugs
and from people using systems I don't usually -- such as windows!



[1]: my favourite from last time was a variation between python 2.5
and 2.6 in the way urlparse functioned for non-standard schemes ...

## Get started fast

# 1. Install: (requires python and easy_install)
$ easy_install datapkg

# 2. [optional] Take a look at the manual
$ datapkg man

# 3. Search for something
$ datapkg search ckan:// gold
gold-prices -- Gold Prices in London 1950-2008 (Monthly)

# 4. Get some data
# This will result in a csv file at /tmp/gold-prices/data
$ datapkg download ckan://gold-prices /tmp

## Changelog

  * (MAJOR) Support for uploading datapkgs (upload.py)
  * (MAJOR) Much improved and extended documenation
  * (MAJOR) Make datapkg easily extendable
    * Support for adding new Index types with plugins
    * Support for adding new Commands with command plugins
    * Support for adding new Distributions with distribution plugins
  * Improved package download support (also now pluggable)
  * New sqlite-based DB index (ticket:360)
  * Improved spec: support for db type index + better documentation
  * Better configuration management (especially internally)
  * Reduce dependencies by removing dependency on PasteScript and PasteDeploy
  * Various minor bugfixes and code improvements

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