[ckan-discuss] Brazillian Portuguese translation of CKAN

Augusto Herrmann augusto.herrmann at gmail.com
Mon Sep 6 19:30:15 BST 2010


I'm interested in Open Data and have recently translated most (60%) of
CKAN's messages to brazillian portuguese. I'd like to send over the
ckan.po file somehow, and hopefully finish the translation soon.

After it's done, we could establish br.ckan.net, as there are already
datasets that could go in there (Portal da Transparência [1], Tribunal
de Contas dos Municípios do Estado do Ceará [2], etc.).

[1] http://www.portaldatransparencia.gov.br/
[2] http://api.tcm.ce.gov.br/

Best regards,
Augusto Herrmann

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