[ckan-discuss] Some help on CKAN translation needed

alexey medvetsky a.medvetsky at gmail.com
Wed Aug 3 12:13:16 BST 2011

Hi everyone,

We have almost completed the Russian translation 
<https://www.transifex.net/projects/p/ckan/resource/ckan/l/ru/> of CKAN 
interface and need some help before testing it. Could someone please 
explain shortly the difference between these terms:

1. Entity vs. Object. - E.g. "Cannot list entity of this type" and 
"Create object". Proposal: translate both as "object" (??????).
2. Package vs. Dataset. - E.g. "The licence under which the dataset is 
released". Proposal: translate both as "package" (?????).
3. Registry vs. Repository. - E.g. "CKAN Repository Revision History" 
and "CKAN combines the features of a listing/registry". Proposal: use 
them as synonyms?

Actually, the real question is if these differences are important for 
the end user of the system or they could be ignored and the terms can be 
used as synonyms.

Best and thanks,
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