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James Gardner james at 3aims.com
Mon Jun 6 13:37:57 BST 2011

Hi Kendra,

> Just to add to this, Kendra was interested in getting involved with
> curating the collection of data catalogues that will be pulled into
> datacatalogs.org.

Welcome! That would be great.

As you might know, our plan for the very first edition of the 
datacatlogs.org site is to re-use the CKAN package form for the catalog 
information so the first task is to define precisely which fields we 
want to store for each catalog.

Could you look at the existing package form at 
http://ckan.net/package/new and decide which are still important for 
catalogs and which extra ones we'd need? I'm imaging we'll use resources 
as URLs to the different way the catalog can be accessed eg "Web 
interface", "RDF API", "JSON API" etc

> James: how close are we to closing out on the features we wanted to be
> able to run datacatalogs.org?

The difficult one was always going to be the moderation facility and 
that is coming on well. I've spoken to John Glover (one of the CKAN 
devs) and he is finishing up the interface for CKAN moderation this week 
and will hopefully start work on the customisations for datacatalogs.org 
implementation next week.

I suggest we kick off by all meeting up on Skype? Can we arrange a call 
for tomorrow at 11:30am UK time between:

and Tim if you want to join us?

What is your Skype name Kendra?

Eventually we'll also want to integrate the map here:



> All the best,
> Jonathan
> [1] http://ckan.net/package?q=&tags=package-type.catalog
> On Thu, Jun 2, 2011 at 9:44 PM, Kendra K. Levine
> <klevine at library.berkeley.edu>  wrote:
>> Greetings! I just contacted Jonathan about getting involved with CKAN and
>> the Open Knowledge Foundation and he suggested I introduce myself here. So,
>> hello!
>> I'm a (recently laid off) librarian who has worked a lot with university
>> researchers and transportation agencies in the US. I've mostly been involved
>> with convincing agencies to be more open with their data so that researchers
>> could access it, but now I'd like to be more hands on with data. I look
>> forward to being a part of this.
>> Kendra
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