[ckan-discuss] Trouble installing CKAN

Ross Jones ross.jones at okfn.org
Mon Aug 20 08:25:01 BST 2012

Hi James,

Thanks for the pull requests, I'll look at them today and get them merged and deployed.  

On 20 Aug 2012, at 02:29, James McKinney wrote:
> I also notice that dataproxy ignores characters that it can't read as UTF-8: https://github.com/okfn/dataproxy/commit/945bd1b0a486df64f254b2fbc7bb8b525d69e36e It'd be better to at least transliterate them to preserve some sense to the data. Unfortunately App Engine doesn't have Iconv, which allows setting both "translit" and "ignore" flags. Given that App Engine also doesn't support large files, maybe we should reconsider hosting dataproxy on App Engine?

Yes, that was my patch to fix issues where it wouldn't work at all when it was getting confused between latin1 and utf8.  I still have a ticket for using the charset when it is set but we are currently in the process of documenting and building simpler services that we can tie together to perform this type of task without the dependency on a third party platform.  It is expected that one of the services, converter, will fix more of these issues by making them easier to deploy with a CKAN installation.


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