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Hello Lucy, 

Just some information on the topic. In order to
publish something as Linked Data, first an Ontology Model  [2]should be
picked from the existing ones, or created from scratch for the
institution/data that are about to publish (for example we have modeled
the following ontology [3] for Open Data Albania [4]). 

Once there is
an ontology model and it is populated with data it can be placed online
providing/publishing well structured data. These data can be interlinked
(therefore the name Linked Data) and used by other people to query or
work with them in their own models. Maybe it is time that OKFN creates a
project to deal with Linked Data since it is "predicted" to be the
future of web :) 



On Fri, 13 Jan 2012 12:52:01
+0000, Lucy Chambers wrote: 

> Not strictly a CKAN-question, but I know
there are a few metadata & data-management experts on this list. 
> I've
been approached by someone from the council here and she is asking some
questions I don't know the best answer to (below). Could anyone suggest
where I could best point her / what type of advice I could give her.
Would very much like to help her out and ensure her data gets released!

> (Questions below) 
> Lucy 
> "One of the 'technicalities' we are
struggling with at the moment has to do with the concept of Linked data
and connecting our datasets to the wider semantic web. How should we
structure our datasets' metadata? What URI's to use? Should we create
our own URI descriptions and share, hoping other local authorities will
adopt the same? 
> Any suggestions on this matter are very welcome.
My colleague told me about come central repository of URI where one can
register new ones. Do you know about this?" -- 
> Lucy Chambers 
Community Coordinator
> Open Knowledge Foundation 
> http://okfn.org/
> Skype: lucyfediachambers

  LINKED DATA describes a method of
publishing structured data so that it can be interlinked and become more

[1] http://okfn.org/
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