[ckan-discuss] What objects should search match?

Adrià Mercader adria.mercader at okfn.org
Wed Jul 10 14:11:55 BST 2013

The current implementation (which I find clear and intuitive) is that
you have a dedicated search on each page for each entity type
(/organization, /group, /user).
I also don't like mixed listings, I think they are really different to
get right.


On 9 July 2013 14:36, Mark Wainwright <mark.wainwright at okfn.org> wrote:
> I was thinking you could return them in separate lists. For example,
> perhaps datasets are returned by default, but a button/link/tab lets
> you choose results in Organizations and Groups instead. (Or some other
> UI, but this gives the kind of idea I had in mind.)
> Mark
> On 09/07/2013, Joshua Tauberer <tauberer+consulting at govtrack.us> wrote:
>> On 07/09/2013 08:51 AM, Mark Wainwright wrote:
>>> It's a bit fiddly at the moment to search in CKAN for organizations
>>> and groups. Should the normal search return these things as well as
>>> datasets? (A bit like Facebook search returns people, groups, etc, or
>>> Twitter search returns tweets, users, etc).
>>> Any views?
>>> Mark
>> Facebook is lucky that that UI works. Typically mixing/interleaving data
>> types in search results comes out weird, usually because mixing
>> relevancy rankings from multiple domains doesn't work. So you'll get
>> e.g. all of the organizations on top because Solr gives them high scores
>> for whatever reason. It also may violate user expectations, since users
>> are probably expecting that a search on a data catalog will show
>> datasets and not other (reified?) metadata.
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