[ckan-discuss] Despamming datahub

Sara Farmer sara.farmer at btinternet.com
Mon Mar 18 14:38:22 GMT 2013

Phew...  Does that mean that spammers using fake groups won't be an
issue in 2.0? 

I'm asking because I just set up my own CKAN node and am clunking my way
through getting it working for me... I locked it down because I saw all
the spam on the datahub, and wasn't quite sure what the best way to
avoid the same fate was (and as the receipient of more than one "we've
closed your site because of spammers" message from providers in the
past, this scares me a little more than most).



On 3/18/2013 10:04 AM, Ross Jones wrote:
> Hi,
> I've started de-spamming the datahub, there were *lots* of fake groups
> created, and as there are some fairly easy heuristics in identifying
> them (thanks hotmail) I've written a script that'll mark them all as
> deleted. 
> I'm only soft-deleting them (just in case) and unfortunately users
> don't have that option so I've erred on the side of caution and
> temporarily left them (until I can come up with a safer set of rules).
> Would it be possible for someone to turn off group-creation until the
> datahub gets migrated to 2.0?  I guess any urgently needed groups
> could approach the list of ask in the meantime.
> Ross
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