[ckan-discuss] Promo piece about CKAN4RDM on LSEImpact blog

Ross Mounce ross.mounce at okfn.org
Fri May 24 11:25:26 BST 2013

Hey CKAN'ers,

Thought you might like to know I wrote a paragraph about CKAN4RDM in my new
blog post for LSEImpact:

"Providing Access to Your Published Research Data Benefits You

A new preprint on PeerJ show that papers with associated open research data
have a citation advantage. Furthermore other research has shown that
willingness to share research data is related to the strength of the
evidence and the quality of the results. Traditional repository software
was designed around handling metadata records and publications. They don’t
tend be great at storing or visualizing research data. But a new
development in this arena is the use of CKAN software for research data
management. Originally CKAN was developed by the Open Knowledge Foundation
to help make open government data more discoverable and usable; the UK, US,
and governments around the world now use this technology to make data
available. Now research institutions like the University of Lincoln are
also using this too for research data management, and like Zenodo the
interface is clean, modern and provides excellent discoverability."

I hope that stirs some further interest...



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