[ckan-discuss] Allow visitors to create account with no privilege

Stéphane Guidoin stephane at opennorth.ca
Tue Feb 18 01:58:12 UTC 2014

Hi there,

For a CKAN implementation we are working on for a city, we want to let
visitors register in order to be able to get mail notifications. However,
we don't want them to be able to create dataset or anything else.

We've set the configuration to something that seems to prevent any
modification from non-admin/non-editor users but it is not easy to check
for every single possible place where it would be possible to change

Question: does anybody allowed users to register without any right (besides
getting mail notification)? If yes, is there some specific steps to follow?

Configuration for the moment
ckan.auth.anon_create_dataset = false
ckan.auth.create_unowned_dataset = false
ckan.auth.create_dataset_if_not_in_organization = false
ckan.auth.user_create_groups = false
ckan.auth.user_create_organizations = false
ckan.auth.user_delete_groups = false
ckan.auth.user_delete_organizations = false
ckan.auth.create_user_via_api = false
ckan.auth.create_user_via_web = true
ckan.auth.roles_that_cascade_to_sub_groups = admin


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