[ckan-discuss] Introducing the CKAN Association

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Tue Mar 18 16:39:24 UTC 2014

Hi All,

I'm really delighted to be able to announce the creation of the CKAN


The Association will manage and oversee the CKAN project going forward,
supporting the growth of CKAN, its community and stakeholders. The
Association reflects more than a year of discussion and
consultation<http://ckan.org/2013/10/18/project-ckan/> with
key stakeholders and the wider community.

Key aspects of the Association are:

   - A Steering Group <http://ckan.org/about/association/#steering-group> and
   Advisory Group which oversee the project and represent stakeholders.
   - Specific teams to look after particular areas such as a "Technical
   Team" <http://ckan.org/about/association/#technical-team> to oversee
   technical development and a "Content and Outreach
team"<http://ckan.org/about/association/#content-and-outreach-team> to
   oversee materials (including project website) and drive community engagement
   - Membership to allow stakeholders to contribute to the longer-term
   sustainability of the project - more below

The Association has its formal institutional home at the Open Knowledge
Foundation but is autonomous and has its own independent governance, in the
form the Steering Group which is drawn from major CKAN stakeholders. The
Open Knowledge Foundation, who are the original creators of CKAN, will
continue to contribute to CKAN at all levels but the Association allows
others - from government users to suppliers of CKAN services - to have a
formal role in the development of the CKAN project going forward.

More information including a set of frequently asked questions in the
announcement post:


The CKAN Association will have members. Membership is a way for
individuals, companies and organisations to support the CKAN Project and be
recognised for doing so. By becoming a member you are helping to ensure the
long-term sustainability of CKAN.

Member organizations are expected to contribute resources - either through
contributing money or providing in-kind resources such as staff time.
Members receive recognition for their contribution through display on the
website, participation in events etc.

You can find more information about membership here

Finally, I emphasize that all feedback and thoughts are very welcome. We
are still in early stages here and there are no doubt many things to
improve and refine - and also many things that aren't yet as clear as they
should be!

All the best,

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