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Adam Thomas adam.thomas at sourcefabric.org
Fri Jun 29 09:20:50 UTC 2012

Thanks for the openness Burt, and for trusting the community here to make HH Berlin a success!

As a quick update, the group has 63 members now and 28 RSVPs in a few days, so that's encouraging... http://www.meetup.com/Hacks-Hackers-Berlin/

As recommended by the HH FAQ, we'll keep the first meetup fairly low key in terms of organisation. I have in mind a few icebreaking activities and some introductions, and then I think it's always good to try and let the group define the agenda and scope of following meetups. We have a great venue partner in co.up, who are giving us their newly renovated space for free.

I really hope DDJBerlin members can attend - data is of course central to any tech x journalism discussion! I hope we can also get people working in the fields of open source, start-ups for news, web and print design, app building and more to attend and contribute.

I hope nobody minds the common language of the group being English - we can always breakout and hold lightning talks in German - just wanted to be as open as possible.

Look forward to meeting everyone on 16th July!

Best, Adam

On Jun 22, 2012, at 6:53 PM, Burt Herman wrote:

> Yes indeed, we jumped the gun a bit in having the group set up before we had clear local organizers in place as we prefer to do. We'd love to get something going in Berlin and want to make sure that it includes both the media and technology communities there. Also, it's preferred to have a first event on the schedule before launching the group to get things going.
> Adam and Chris: We'd love to speak more about what you have in mind for the group to get things started, and see who else as well is interested in organizing. 
> On Fri, Jun 22, 2012 at 8:55 AM, Jan Michael Ihl <jmi at jmi.cc> wrote:
> Hi all,
> there’s already an event series called "Daten & Journalisten" in Berlin (http://ddjberlin.tumblr.com) and Hamburg.
> There were some meet-ups on DDJ in Berlin before though less formal, but when we launched "Daten & Journalisten", the idea was to meet at Berlin-based journalism outlets – as we did at the taz newspaper in January. Last meet-up was at Re-publica in May. Currently there seems to be summer break.
> Before creating the name "Daten & Journalisten" we considered H/H but decided against as the word hacks doesn't seem to be a commonly known synonym for journalists in Germany.
> Anyway if there will be H/H events in Berlin I am curious and will try to attend (though I am currently in Turkey about every 2nd month). Maybe both event series can be merged sooner or later. Or thrive in co-existence with different focus or concept (or just differing in working language).
> Best, Jan Michael
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> On 22.06.2012, at 15:59, Adam Thomas <adam.thomas at sourcefabric.org> wrote:
> > Hi all,
> >
> > Inspired by H/H groups in NYC, Buenos Aires and Africa (http://www.facebook.com/HacksHackersAfrica), Chris Pinchen and I had asked to set up a Berlin chapter... we didn't receive a concrete go-ahead yet from H/H, but I suspect this page may have been set up for us to get started with. Perhaps Burt can clarify?
> >
> > We're very excited to get started and had hoped to hold a first meet-up in July!
> >
> > Best, Adam
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