[ddj] Digital journalism lists? and CMSs..

Matthew Linares matthew.linares at opendemocracy.net
Fri Oct 16 16:05:19 UTC 2015

Dear all,

Does anyone know of mailing lists/online spaces like this but not solely
data-driven, rather for digital journalism more widely (like a
HacksHackers-type mail lists)? I ask as I have a question which is not
specifically data-oriented, though not entirely irrelevant.

The question that leads me to ask is: we're seeking options for
forward-looking journalism CMSs. We're looking at platforms like
rebelmouse.com, newscoop.sourcefabric.org and respondens.com and are
interested what else might be out there. This could be everything from
"turnkey" solutions to completely bespoke, ground-up development proposals.


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