[ddj] Announcing DataBasic.io

Catherine D'Ignazio Catherine_Dignazio at emerson.edu
Tue Jan 12 13:31:16 UTC 2016

Hi friends,

We're pleased to announce the launch of DataBasic.io - a suite of simple
web-based tools and hands-on activities that help you get started learning
to work with data.  The tools are geared towards journalists, non-profits,
activist groups and students. Rather than just building data tools to make
a pretty charts, we've designed these with learners in mind and we made
them fun!


* WTFcsv gives you a quick overview of a CSV to help you learn how to start
asking questions with data
* WordCounter shows you the most common words and phrases in a text
document to help you think about text as data
* SameDiff compares two documents to help you learn how to tell stories
about differences

Each tool has a short video introducing it, and a downloadable activity
guide so you can facilitate the hands-on activities we have designed for
each tool.  They're available in Spanish and English, and accessible to
those that use screen-reading software to use the web.

Please try them out, spread the word, and let us know how it goes.

Rahul Bhargava and Catherine D'Ignazio

Assistant Professor of Civic Media and Data Visualization, Emerson College
Fellow, Emerson Engagement Lab
Research Affiliate, MIT Center for Civic Media
Founding Member, Boston Civic Media Consortium
www.kanarinka.com | @kanarinka | 617-501-2441
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