[ddj] Salaries of public employees by name?

Riccardo Valletti riccardo at datatellers.info
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Hi Sandra,

happy to help you! I've been following you for the last two years and
appreciating your job very much.

Italian transparency low says that every single public manager has to
publish his salary, and in case of congress and senate, politicians have to
publish their whole fiscal declaration

Here are the links:

Camera dei deputati (congress), here you'll find a map of their sits, by
clicking on one of them you'll open the congressman page and on the top
right of that page there is the link for his/her declaration


Senato: almost the same, the link is on the third tab in the profile page
of each senator


>From the local ponti of view (I live in Bolzano), each region has his own
open data portal... here is the Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano's one.


They all are actual salaries and income by name and by year, divided into
diverse kind of salary components.

Hope this is enough,

bye, looking forward to reading your peace.


2016-01-10 21:28 GMT+01:00 Sandra Crucianelli <sandracrucianelli at gmail.com>:

> Hi!
> I'm writing an articule based on open data; about transparency laws in
> conflict with laws of protecting personal data.
> And I need some examples of European countries
> I'm looking for sites oGov or NGOs to publish salaries of public
> employees, by name, function or type of position
> I have several examples in North America and Latin America, but not in
> Europe. Neither of Africa, Asia or Australia
> Are there any European country to publish the salaries of public employees
> by name?
> Can you share with me the URL?
> I appreciate your help !
> Thank you!
> Sandra
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