[epsi-coord] Request from Juan/Commission Fwd: PR/ Awareness Raising activities

Ton Zijlstra ton.zijlstra at gmail.com
Fri Apr 8 10:04:52 BST 2011

hi all,

this was just e-mailed to me by Juan. The Commission wants us to pay more
attention to three events: LAPSI conference, the Share PSI workshop, and the
DAA meeting.

Of course I already announced the various events and they are in our
'meeting hightlights' list, and they were tweeted. But it seems a more
coordinated communication approach is wanted for the coming weeks.
I would appreciate suggestions you may have on this. For now come to mind:

- hightlight all three events on front page (the SharePSI thing already has
a banner, I can make two additional banners)
- send out an e-mail to our list (3100 people) highlighting these three
events, with sign-up dates / deadlines etc. Repeat that in the run-up to the
events with more details (like summary of online discussion on these
- schedule tweeting about it on a regular basis, with RT requests (like
every day / other day)
- spread the word again to some mailing lists we are on (okf lists, pro-bono
publico, Austrian and Swiss OGD lists. others??)
- any country specific platforms we can post to (digitaliser,dk (DK),
ambtenaar20.nl (NL) come to mind: please suggest others you have access to.

And: turn this into a to do list / check list to deploy at will for other
things (as is bound to happen).

Looking forward to hear some suggestions from you, and I will work them into
an overview.

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From: <Juan.PELEGRIN at ec.europa.eu>
Date: Fri, Apr 8, 2011 at 10:36 AM
Subject: PR/ Awareness Raising activities
To: ton.zijlstra at gmail.com, tom.kronenburg at gmail.com
Cc: Gudrun.Stock at ec.europa.eu, Richard.Swetenham at ec.europa.eu

 Dear Ton/Tom,

I would appreciate if you could prepare a coordinated communication strategy
on the 3 relevant actions below in the Platform:

- DAA Open Data and re-use of PSI. Brussels 16-17th June


- SharePSI.eu - May 10-11 Brussels

*http://share-psi.eu/cfp/* <http://share-psi.eu/cfp/>

- LAPSI meeting - Milan 5th/6th -May

*http://www.lapsi-project.eu/milan* <http://www.lapsi-project.eu/milan>

Although you have already picked it up could you please prepare some actions
promoting the events either in the from page, notifying it at regular
intervals to your stakeholder list and through twitter, and /or through any
alternative channels you may deem appropriate.

It is my understanding that Ton will be at the - DAA Open Data and re-use of
PSI. Brussels 16th June. We have been requested (top management) that real
time reporting (twitting) on the event and a summary of the discussions is
finalised immediately after the event for its wide dissemination.

Could you please confirm that you will be there and that you can undertake
this task?

Many thanks

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