[epsi-coord] first sketch new epsi site design

Daniel Dietrich daniel.dietrich at okfn.org
Mon May 23 19:44:47 BST 2011

Hi all,

I do like the first sketch. I agree with some of  Marc's point, e.g. 

- too much text
- I also like the idea of icons to visually identify types of content (category, country?)
- on the events section I clearly miss something that immediately shows me the date of the items or even an overview (calendar)
- for news and events I miss a "subscribe to feed / ical"
- the 3 categories at the bottom, e.g. "good practice, psi report and cases" will not get a lot of attention there. We might include them between guest blog and news & events section in a raw with 3 columns?

As Ton and Marc I am curious about the subpages e.g. "content" -pages. 


On 23.05.2011, at 19:52, Marc de Vries wrote:

> Hi Ton, hi Tom,
> Some comments on the draft design/navigation/structure, for what it is worth:
> 1.       I find the colours a bit dull, a bit more marine blue?
> 2.       I find it too much text, which will be the consequence of putting the blog there
> 3.       I find the welcome to the EPSI site too prominent and too much text
> 4.       I find the top row rather dull
> 5.       We have lots of content, would it be possible to mark the # of docs under the respective button or something similar?
> 6.       I like the fact that are pics, but would I would like more, especially where it concerns events on PSI. Would it be possible to somehow lure people to a spot where pics can be seen?
> 7.       I guess there will be drop down menus under the second row buttons? If so, couldn’t that be done in a more Apple way?
> 8.        Can you work with icons, like flags for news on countries (+EU for EC news)?
> 9.       The same applies to type of news: e.g. legal – scales, technical – a lamp, economic – stack of money, open data – nerd, research – Einstein, hot news – pepper etc. Would it be possible to list news items in a kind of nu.nl way?
> 10.   I would also like a European map that will mouse sensitive and will magnify, allowing to click on countries, so you get the news items, reports, cases in there
> Also, I was wondering whether there will be subpages and how they will look like. In other words, is there an overall structure already?
> I hope this is of some help.
> Reg. M.
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> Onderwerp: [epsi-coord] first sketch new epsi site design
> Hi all,
> Heinze Havinga is working on designing the new appearance of the epsiplatform.eu
> I've discussed with him about our goals (more people/community, maintain high content level, cater to various groups),  that Tom and I thought the whitehouse.gov wireframe of the site is a good mix of new and traditional ways of navigating and embedding web2.0 features, that the logo needs to stay the same, and for those using the site now the new site should be recognizable.
> Attached is a first sketch as a result of that conversation.
> Feedback is welcomed, so we can use that to go into a second iteration.
> best,
> Ton
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