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Hans Graux hans.graux at timelex.eu
Mon Oct 31 11:01:18 GMT 2011

Hi all,

After a chat with Tom last Friday, I took a closer look at some of the
possible new legal cases we could add to the EPSI-platform. I selected most
of these from the LAPSI-site, but also found an interesting and very
relevant Belgian one from 2009. They should present a relatively good mix
of topics/authorities, and I checked to make sure that full-text versions
of the rulings were available (not just comments/summaries). None of them
should be on the site yet, based on a quick search, and I’d be happy to
draft up a few of these.

·         Cases T-494/08 to T-500/08 and T-509/08 - Ryanair v. Commission. (

·         Regional Administrative Court of Campania – Naples – deliverance
12th January 2010. Giorgio Di Dio v. Regione Campania and Hydrogest
Campania s.p.a. (

·         Italian Antitrust Authority – report AS321. Prohibition of
commercial re-use of cadastral and mortgage data collected by the Land

·         Italian Data Protection Authority – Provision 11th March 2010.
Legitimacy of the re-use of personal data of the P.R.A. for purposes
related to the public interest of the automobile sector; illegitimacy of
the commercial re-use of personal data (

·         Supreme Judicial Council – Agreement 28th October 2010. Approval
of Regulation 3/2010 on re-use of judgments and other legal rulings.

·         Hof van Beroep, Brussel, Infobase c. België, 19 november 2009,
commercial re-use of data in the Crossroads Bank of Enterprises

I’ll be in the call this afternoon, so we can then discuss the work


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