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Natacha Cingotti natacha.cingotti at foeeurope.org
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Below and attached

Have a nice day all

*Conference call data crunching -- 20/11/2012*


*Update on TacticalTech*

-MoU signed

-Relief that we have postponed the launch date (working to have 
something ready for testing for second week of Dec)

-AP -- Timo to send an email for precisions on timing of first draft

-AP -- for us make sure that all people involved talk to each other 
(Friedrich -- Stijn -- TacTech) -- cf. Question on how design is 
implemented on tool

*Website and launch*

-AP -- Erik to further work on doc re: website structure this week

-Bruno CEO to move the booking at Residence Palace

-Helen CEO to send the outreach plan proposal

*Data cleaning session in MundoB, Thursday 22/11 *

-First priority = sort out names of companies, and possibly finding the 
full names of abbreviation

-Erik to guide Olivier, Ester and Natacha from skype


-Natacha submitted concept paper to global integrity innovation fund for 
funding post-lunch -- to keep folks posted about follow-up

*OKFN weekend event*

-2 groups (one for farm subsidies; one for Lobbyfacts)

-Possible adds-on by developers who will be in London: a lobby map; 
other idea = pull in data from expert groups' register; extract info 
under PDF format (from Belgian National Bank, DoIs from MEPs for 
instance...); scrape materials available on EC website re: public 
consultations; use info about tobacco lobby and names of related 
lobbyists; a map application with OpenStreet Map...

*Next call -- Thursday 29 November 2PM*

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