[EU-lobby-data] FL Notes conf call

Friedrich Lindenberg friedrich.lindenberg at okfn.org
Wed Sep 26 14:09:36 UTC 2012


* Set up meeting with TTC/LC in Berlin (who are the current contacts?
Lucinda and Marek?)
* Create stub entries for non-existing register entries and those that
have been expelled
   * Sample Expelled: white & case ?
* Ping Erik re lists of non-registered known companies / consultancies
* Feature: Subscriptions - needs notion of activities
* Facet by country - or compare with another register?
* CSV/Excel download support
* More info for Erik re Hackday (see below for abstract)

* Get IRE account: http://ire.org/resource-center/

Links to current data-cleansing tools:

Mark up connected entities:
De-duplicate the canonical names:

(Separate tutorials to follow on both of these)

RE HACKDAY (Please consider any refs to ERDF removed):

Journalists, designers, coders, data wranglers, policy reasearchers
and interested citizens are invited to the "Track the EU Money
Hackathon" in London, during 24-25 November 2012.

As a journalist and citizen, to understand institutions, policies and
commitments, you have to look where the money goes. EU publishes
information on its spending but this data is difficult for journalists
and citizens to make sense of. Browsable databases that allow people
to easily find information about recipients of EU funds, tools and
platforms that allow people to create their own visualisations of how
funds are distributed in the EU and mobile applications that let users
acquire information about EU programmes and opportunities are
necessary tools for approaching the complex issue of EU spending.

Some of the challenges that the working groups will be approaching
during the hackathon are:

* Who are the major influencers of EU policy-making?
* EU funds for corporations: How does the EU fund corporations? Who
are the biggest recipients on EU funds? How can we match company data
to EU spending data?
* European Regional Development Funds (ERDF): Who are the major
recipients of ERDF?
* Can we get the data for all ERDF projects and map them?
* Making EU lobbying data accessible to journalists and the public:
Can we build an EU lobbying news app?
* How can we map farm subsidies recipients across Europe?
* What data tools and platforms can help us better understand the
financial crisis in Europe?

This hackday is organised by the European Journalism Centre and the
Open Knowledge Foundation with partial support from the Knight-Mozilla
OpenNews programme.

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