[EU-lobby-data] Fwd: URGENT - Update on Lobby facts and urgent question regarding data

Timo Lange timo.lange at lobbycontrol.de
Tue Jan 15 11:19:29 UTC 2013

Hi all,

Mathilde now asks for feedback concerning the visuals (which I still
haven't been able to see yet). What I understood from you is that there
is not enough there yet to give a clear feedback. Can you comment anyway
on it? What do we need to give a definitive feedback?

I guess Friedrich is still unavailable?

Kind regards


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Betreff: URGENT - Update on Lobby facts and urgent question regarding data
Datum: Tue, 15 Jan 2013 11:58:45 +0100
Von: Mathilde <mathilde at tacticaltech.org>
An: Timo Lange <timo.lange at lobbycontrol.de>,  Friedrich Lindenberg
<friedrich.lindenberg at okfn.org>

Hello both of you,

for the guys at Curve agency, they need answers to the questions below
as soon as possible.

Friedrich - any news on how they can retrieve the dtabase?

Have you been able to look at the visuals? Can I give them sign off so
that they can continue?

Timo, it would be great if you could let me know when would be a good
moment to call?



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Subject: 	Update on Lobby facts and urgent question regarding data
Date: 	Tue, 08 Jan 2013 13:09:40 +0100
From: 	Mathilde <mathilde at tacticaltech.org>
To: 	Friedrich Lindenberg <friedrich.lindenberg at okfn.org>, Timo Lange
<timo.lange at lobbycontrol.de>

Hello both of you!
Happy new year!! I hope you had a great Christmas period and start to
the year.

So I have a couple of questions

First, and most urgent - the guys at Curve agency have had problems with
the data. They have spent 3 days on sorting it, duplicates etc.
It would seem that it was assumed the API export would be the full
database, but in fact does not correspond to the full data. The easiest
at this stage (and sorry, I assumed had been the case already) is if
they can have access to the database itself... Friedrich, is this
possible? and if not, how come...?

This is a few words they sent to describe their problem:

We’ve tried to pull content from the API as best we can and we have
succeeded in getting the correct amount of content from the API in all
instances - so for example we succeeded in pulling out 11,233 people
from the system, but when importing data this data set seems to miss
lots of people out. To combat this, we also tried to pull a list of
‘heads’ and ‘legal’ straight from the representatives, but again there
seems to be data missing. We’ve concluded that without direct database
access we’re not confident in the data that is being returned by the API
and how complete this data is. In summary the API is returning
incomplete data.

Another issue we’re facing (which you’re obviously aware of is duplicate
content). There are several rows of duplicate data in the system, but
there are also many rows of data where the ID’s are the same (we’re
using the IDs as unique identifiers in our system), but other data might
be slightly different. It’s difficult to know which data we should trust
in this instances as obviously we’re less knowledgeable about this data
than yourselves.

This is quite a problem, because the agreement with them, was not to
spend time on data cleaning and sorting etc... and unfortunately they
have had to do this... and this means spend time that has not been
accounted for (yet..) They know we are very tight on budget.. but they
are asking that additional budget can be considered. Timo, I don't know
how much is there and possible.. but it is true that this has caused
them a lot of extra work.. to be discussed...

They have given me access to design start they have which I give you
here to login
They are otherwise happy with how it is advancing and the progress.

Please click on the following link to activate your account:

Use the username and password provided below to sign in:
Username:mathilde at tacticaltech.org
Password: fdc386b9

Let me know on thoughts about this data question.. sorry to bother you
Friedrich, but maybe again it is better you talk to them directly so
that every body is clear on what is the situation...

Take care!


Timo Lange
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