[okfn-coord] Coordinating main OKCon panels

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Wed Feb 27 19:51:46 UTC 2008

Dear Jo and Jonathan,

It is my current understanding -- and anyone correct me please if I am 
wrong :) -- if I'm that we are each coordinating one of the OKCon panels 
as follows:

Transport and Environment: Jo Walsh
Tools and Applications: Rufus Pollock
Education and Academia: Jonathan Gray

At this point we have two main things we need to do:

1) Make sure we have a chair for each panel. If we do not have a 
specific chair you can always be the chair (I also note that I've 
already lined up Becky Hogge to chair one panel though one has not been 

2) Write to the participants on each panel (plus chair) to:

   * confirm they are still OK to come
   * Reiterating basic details and pointing to latest programme
   * Outlining the basic setup

I've included a basic example of such an email below -- please note 
places where it says INSERT :)


## Panellist Email

Dear Panellist,

First, let me thank you for agreeing to come and speak at the 2008 Open 
Knowledge Conference (OKCon) The event runs from 1030 to 1830 (doors 
open at 1000) and your panel is scheduled to take place from INSERT 
TIME. If you plan to come just for your talk, in order to allow some 
margin for error, we suggest aiming to arrive no later than INSERT TIME 
(if this is problematic please let me know).

Finally, below I include details of suggested subject matter of the 
talks, structure of the panel and technical facilities available. Should 
you have any queries please let me know either by email or by phone 
(07795 176 976).


Rufus Pollock

## Event Details

Full information about the event, including full details of time and 
location and the up to date programme can be found on the event website at:


## Subject Matter

There is no specific area that you should cover so you should feel free 
to talk about whatever you thought was interesting. That said our theme 
is 'Applications, Tools and Services' (for the full blurb see 
http://www.okfn.org/okcon/) so anything that related to this would be 
particularly welcome. For example, questions you might want to
address include:

   * How do we develop tools and approaches for dealing with open 
data/information/knowledge that facilitate sharing and reuse.
   * Are there important interdependencies between open material and the 
tools to visualize and analyze that material. That is do we need data to 
be able to develop the tools and tools in order to get the data (i.e. 
for it to be made available.
   * What applications and serivces are there that would particularly 
benefit from an open approach (and why).

Regarding the audience we tend to have a fairly diverse audience 
including scientists, 'geeks', academics and policy-makers but all 
sharing an interest in 'Open Knowledge'. Generally we suggest pitching 
the talk at the intelligent non-specialist.

## Structure

Each speaker should speak for between 10 and 20 minutes. There will be 
three speakers in each session and we aim to have 10-30 minutes of 
discussion (depending on how long each speaker talks for).

## Facilities

There will be standard A/V equipment (projector and microphones). 
Internet access *cannot* be guaranteed so please bear this mind when 
preparing a presentation.

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