[okfn-coord] Meeting with GLA and our day/iteration rate

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Thu Nov 12 19:02:14 UTC 2009

I spent today at the GLA along with our CKAN developer David Read.

They are planning their own data store to launch in January (this is
confidential) and (as a result of our meeting!) are very interested in
using CKAN.

They wish us to do some work on CKAN to develop some new features and
integrate it with their systems and wish us to give a quote for the

I explained that we prefer to work on an iteration basis rather than a
"delivery" basis and they were happy with this. They know our standard
commercial day rate is £900 (what we charged for today) but would like
to negotiate down from this a bit. I explained that there were two
main bases on which we could justify a reduction: a) non-profit status
b) a longer commitment term (i.e. not working day to day or week to

On (a) i'm not sure what their status is (they are part of government
but I don't think this necessarily makes them non-profit).

One (b) they have indicated they will want around 25-30 days of work
between now an end of January split into 5 day (1 week) iterations
(this is a rough estimate as we haven't yet got a proper set of
requirements from them and we haven't gone back with estimates).

Given this I was thinking of offering them a reduced rate of £700 per
day. What do people think?



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