[okfn-coord] Participation in JISC application with University of Cambridge

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Fri Apr 16 15:49:04 UTC 2010

As board members will have seen from earlier correspondence we have
been looking at participating in the recent JISC funding call.

I have now been working very actively over the last week to put
together an application from the University of Cambridge with Advisory
Board member Peter Murray-Rust. The OKF will be an official partner in
the bid and I (personally) will act as a co-PI.

The project will run (if funded) from mid-June to mid-March next year.
I note that my fellowship at Cambridge ends in September. Up until
that point I will formally be working for the project in Univ of
Cambridge capacity but from September on I will be working in my OKF

In addition to my participation, the OKF is acting as a partner in the
project and wlll provide 3k of "infrastructure" for free in the form
of data hosting after the project ends (I should emphasize that much
of this accounting is rather "notional" as this is 3k of in-kind
services not money ...). In terms of receipts the OKF will receive
hosting fees and will acquire a valuable set of metadata (we will host
the material during and after the project lifetime).

For those wanting more information here's the link to the proposal (in draft):


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