[okfn-coord] Questions for EU project registration

Jo Walsh jo at frot.org
Thu Mar 4 15:19:21 UTC 2010

dear all, just some quick thoughts.

On 03/03/2010 17:52, Jonathan Gray wrote:
>    * For 'Public Entities': a copy of the resolution, law, decree,
> decision or any other official document establishing your organisation
> and if applicable, a copy of a document proving VAT registration (in
> case the VAT number does not show on the registration extract or its
> equivalent (of course the extract must not be older than 6 months).

So this depends on getting VAT registration in order first.
Found old notes here, but Jordan has updated info now?

>    * Furthermore, in order to confirm that Research forms part of your
> core business as well as you are a Non-Profit Entity, we will be very
> grateful if you could provide us with any legal document which
> mentions the research non-profit character of your organisation
> according to its legal status.
> Also regarding turnover and employees, at the moment - after
> discussion I put '1' for employees, despite the fact that technically
> we have no employees, only contractors. After discussing with Soeren,
> he thought we should count more of our contractors as employees.
> Soeren also suggested we keep this proportional to turnover. What do people think?

That makes sense to me - at this stage the information is boilerplate 
(not pinned to work packages, expertise etc) so employees scaled up to 
match what we could theoretically afford would work out.

> Finally for everyone's reference I've started a page on the wiki for
> board's reference. This includes projected budget (€362,304)
> breakdown, and original proposal document with a list of page numbers
> and notes.
>    http://okfn.org/board/wiki/LOD2

Hang on - that's *OKF's* budget, not the whole project budget?
<slowly winches jaw back up off the desk>

> You are also kindly invited to launch the process for appointing the
> Legal Entity Appointed Representative (LEAR) within your organisation.
> The LEAR will be the responsible for the maintenance of your legal and
> financial data of your organisation.
> Please find downloadable forms and instructions for the appointment of
> the LEAR on http://cordis.europa.eu/fp7/pp-lear_en.html.

Jonny, will this be you?



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