[foundation-board] Engagement of a new (additional) Foundation Coordinator

Becky Hogge becky.hogge at gmail.com
Thu Nov 3 10:26:43 UTC 2011

On 2 November 2011 22:26, Jason Kitcat <jason.kitcat at okfn.org> wrote:
> The main point is that the role of Foundation Coordinator has grown significantly since I first interviewed for it last year. OKF has grown massively, the field has grown and the job has developed. The scope for coordination and keeping on top of the multitude of OKF projects and people means that it really needs to be a full time gig as much as is possible [1].

Having met Laura during the recruitment process last year, I'm pleased
to hear that she's available to work with OKF. But I'm concerned that
her not being able to commit full time might be at odds with the
description of the role as Jason has set it out here.

To be clear, I'm definitely +1 on bringing her on board as a joint
Foundation Coordinator with Jason, and I'm confident that they each
have the project management and communication skills necessary to
job-share this role for a time. But if Jason is eventually going to
phase out his involvement with OKF, and Laura's availability to work
closer to full time from January is not yet certain, do we need a
contingency plan (perhaps in the form of informally training
up/looping in another member of the crew)?



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