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Karin Christiansen k.christiansen at party.coop
Mon Mar 17 20:43:09 UTC 2014

Very useful prompt, thanks Rufus.   And my number s: 07816839533

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Hi All,

I've culled the actions from last weeks board meeting as Laura and I captured them:

*         ACTION: Tom to draw up bullet point list of areas where improvements in finance processes deliver RoI, following meeting with Laura & Michelle (this to be the basis of a potential contract role description)

*         ACTION for board:  share ideas around evaluation (innovative, dynamic, new area) with Morris!

*         ACTION: Paula to check whether GDS (Tom Loosemore) would give us testimonials re evaluation

*         ACTION: Board are there other external stakeholders who Morris should talk to?  board to share ideas with laura & rufus

*         ACTION: Karin to share her phone number with the board

*         Action:  Jane & Rufus to talk further re CKAN options

*         ACTION: Rufus Create a list of existing grant funders or potential funders of all types

*         ACTION: Tom & Karin to talk re org structure esp re coops

  *   [ACTION: ?? talk to OSF & hewlett for advice re org structure]

*         [ACTION: All Talk every other board meeting about new potential board members]

If there are any items we've missed or got wrong, please let us know.


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