[foundation-board] Cancelled Board meeting and Naomi's news

Karin Christiansen karin at karinchristiansen.org
Wed Jul 6 12:38:22 UTC 2016

Hi All

Pavel and I just discovered today that we aren't quorate for the next
meeting as Helen and Jane can't come.  So Pavel and I have decided it is
best to just cancel.

It may have been this slipped through with Naomi heading off but could we
request people give as much warning as possible as SMT etc all need to
travel to come. to the meetings.

Pavel, Mark, Franka and I will all meet anyway and use the time scheduled.
We will have some dinner together, and *Tim, *if you wanted to join for
that or the meeting part you are welcome.

We already have the most up to date financial update with the COO update -
so if people have questions on that please send them through.
Pavel and team and I will figure out when we meet together next week if
there is anything else we need to make decision on in between now and the
next Board meeting.

There are a couple of other updates that Pavel will send out around next

   - New SMT appointment
   - Update on Omidyar
   - Draft budget for 2017 (high and low scenarios)

*On a different note, Naomi has also given birth a little early, to two
little boys!  The team are making a collection and Pavel will be in touch
with details on how we can join in if anyone wishes to.*



Karin Christiansen

karin at karinchristiansen.org



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