[geo-discuss] getmapping aerial data

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Fri Apr 8 12:55:01 UTC 2005

SteveC wrote:
> So you won't believe this, but, the MD of getmapping.com mailed to say
> he's interested in doing something around annotating their aerial data.
> Lots of it is down to 12.5cm and it covers most of the country.
> Is that cool, or what?
> Not having to pay for the data kinda changes everything!
> I've suggested meeting to talk about it all. I don't think he knew about
> the Thursday meeting, which I sent.

And he's now coming to the forum. See post to coord.

> Jo: He's gonna mail you about stuff
> Maybe we can put a delegation together to go talk to them? I'm slightly
> worried of scaring them off if we appear flaky.

Exactly the point of the OKFN geo project: to provide a respectable 
non-flaky umbrella for all the various open/free mapping projects.



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