[iRail] data.iRail.be: call for participation

Pieter Colpaert pieter at iRail.be
Sat Feb 18 11:22:59 UTC 2012

Hi everyone,

If you go to http://data.iRail.be you can see all the datasets we're 
offering in "alpha" (we're still working on datasets and the output is 
not frozen yet). This page is not really user-friendly and doesn't show 
all available meta-information. The DataTank itself supports even more 
functions towards data-feedback, statistics, spectql (a query language: 
http://data.iRail.be/spectql) and so on. We will soon support more than 
NMBS, also: planes, De Lijn, MIVB/STIB and later bike availability.

Probably this is not very clear. I want a website on data.iRail.be which 
teaches users/developers how to work with the data. It should become 
this easy that even normal users should be able to "query" the data by 
filling out forms. For example: "what was the delay of P8080 on Wednesday?".

Is someone willing to help us out on this one?

Kind regards,


iRail vzw/asbl
+32 (0) 486/747122

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