[iRail] iRail.be 3.0: js/css

Tim Esselens tim.esselens at gmail.com
Sun Feb 19 08:58:01 UTC 2012

> Currently we still lack a javascript/css person. Do you know one or are you
> one and do you want to join the team to create a great application that
> wants to be launched in December of this year, let us know :)

Willing to provide javascript skills, meetings will be more difficult,
but I'm available for conversation over email/google voice/skype.

PS: IMO I think you need a status display to assure the user our
intent, ie: 20k static tests run OK, 1k live tests run OK,
iRail should have a team of testers/fixers and the API should be
governed by it (which means that there should at least be one or two
test cases defining proper behaviour for any case)

I just opened an old example http://devel.datif.be/jquery.irail/ and
from what I see (now at 9;51) the train bound for brussel north does
not have a platform for departure, whether this is correct or not
(should trains always have platforms) my fears are the same: apps
written one year ago against the API 1.x/2.0 are already showing signs
of degradation.

The usage of a simple icon like a GSM signal meter could show the
unknowing user the quality of the app he or she is using (which will
degrade over time, it seems only fair to warn them in advance should
we all drop dead -or have a slow year-)

kind regards,
Tim Esselens

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