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Pieter Colpaert pieter at iRail.be
Sun Mar 4 01:02:48 UTC 2012

Hi Tim,

Thanks for your e-mail and sorry for the late response. We'll need a
js/css guru in ~June/July. We'll contact you in a couple of months when
we need you ;-)

Kind regards,


On 02/19/2012 09:58 AM, Tim Esselens wrote:
>> Currently we still lack a javascript/css person. Do you know one or are you
>> one and do you want to join the team to create a great application that
>> wants to be launched in December of this year, let us know :)
> Willing to provide javascript skills, meetings will be more difficult,
> but I'm available for conversation over email/google voice/skype.
> PS: IMO I think you need a status display to assure the user our
> intent, ie: 20k static tests run OK, 1k live tests run OK,
> iRail should have a team of testers/fixers and the API should be
> governed by it (which means that there should at least be one or two
> test cases defining proper behaviour for any case)
> I just opened an old example http://devel.datif.be/jquery.irail/ and
> from what I see (now at 9;51) the train bound for brussel north does
> not have a platform for departure, whether this is correct or not
> (should trains always have platforms) my fears are the same: apps
> written one year ago against the API 1.x/2.0 are already showing signs
> of degradation.
> The usage of a simple icon like a GSM signal meter could show the
> unknowing user the quality of the app he or she is using (which will
> degrade over time, it seems only fair to warn them in advance should
> we all drop dead -or have a slow year-)
> thoughts?
> --
> kind regards,
> Tim Esselens
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