[kforge-dev] domainmodel.py

John Bywater john.bywater at appropriatesoftwarefoundation.org
Wed Dec 14 12:28:34 UTC 2005

[snipped from a post to discuss at appropriatesoftware.net yesterday]


Regarding PoEAA [Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture, Martin 
Fowler, 2003], the KForge project now has a very good implementation
of Domain Model, with: Metadata, Data Mappers, Registry, and some
create/read/update/delete Commands.

It's a lot better than Django's homegrown SQL 'model' and is a layer
above TurboGears' usage of SQLObject. In that we use SQLObject as a Data
Mapper, and we do not claim/present SQLObject as a DomainModel.

Instead, Domain Object classes are inheritable, and instances are
presented in a dictionary of dictionaries (the Registry). Domain Object
associations are implemented with 'HasA' and 'HasMany' attributes, the
resulting model is checked for integrity, with problems reported early.

We're planning to release the Domain Model as an independent package.
I'd like to make an app for it, so that you can make domain models
through a web UI... :-)


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