[kforge-dev] latest commit

John Bywater john.bywater at appropriatesoftwarefoundation.org
Thu Jul 21 19:53:06 UTC 2005

Hello all,

The database schema has changed. This means that the automatic tests 
require a new kforgetest database to be created, and will fail with the 
old one.

This can easily be done with the kforge db create/delete utility. Just 
delete an existing kforgetest database and create it again. When you 
create the database, don't bother giving a path to the SQL file, because 
it generates the database from the SQLObect database mapper classes.

The system now uses a "KForge native" database schema. The mapping layer 
is highly reflective, such that the concrete mapper classes simply have 
a definition of their attributes and aggregations. These definitions are 
used to drive abstracted data mapping methods, which do the work of 
moving values of attributes and/or associations between the domain model 
and the relational database. This will make adding new mappers really easy.

With the similarly reflective state of the domain model, I expecting 
future extensions to these two layers to be easy, and rapid.

With the new database, and the refactorings, the tests run through 
almost twice as fast as yesterday!

Best regards,


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