[kforge-dev] Re: Some good news at last

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Mon Oct 3 10:44:15 UTC 2005

Miles Wu wrote:
> Rufus,
> It appears kforge is now working on my computer. I haven't got too
> much time till Thursday, but I will attempt and see if I can get it to
> work on lighttpd. I personally think it would be good if we could get
> it to work with fcgi, which would then allow us to port kforge to most
> web servers withouth any additional work.

Good point. However it should be noted that the admin front end (what 
you say by default on install) is only one of the views that kforge 
supports. Access to the actual services such as subversion or moinmoin 
are done through another virtual host. These services often use apache 
specific stuff (e.g. mod_dav for dav, mod_dav_svn for svn).

> There is no reason why kforge won't work with lighttpd. So long as the
> django frontend works sucsessfully with fcgi (which is rumoured to
> work), the rest of kforge just should not know the difference. The
> only things I see the apache config specifiying is SSL,Vhosts,HTTP
> authentication and forwarding of the request to django.

That is absolutely true and it would be good to support fcgi if that 
makes it more portable (and even on apache it reduces that amount of 
stuff you may need to install).

> Anyway, the good news is at the moment I have a working kforge box. I
> will probably post to the kforge list tomorrow, if I have time during
> Nick's Open Audiobooks thingy.

Sorry to pre-empt your first post ;0. Hope to hear from you soon.



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