[kforge-dev] trac, permissiong working (and working together)

Rufus Pollock rufus.pollock at okfn.org
Sun Oct 16 20:22:08 UTC 2005

After plenty of random bug pain we finally have trac working together 
with the permission system. You can check this out by going to:


and seeing that
   a) you will need to log in
   b) these credentials will work:
     username: levin
     password: levin

One rather cool thing is even though our authentication is entirely 
seperate from trac's system trac seems to automagically pick up our 
authentication (so if you log in as X this will be displayed by trac). 
Assume this is because we are using mod_python auth.

Now that all this is working I plan to move kforge code into a 
beta.kforge.net site so that we start eating our own dog food. This will 
also mean we get to use trac for bug tracking etc. Just to summarize now 
   * svn plugin
   * trac plugin
   * moin plugin
   * projecthome plugin (project website + dav access. This is actually 
not yet in but will be as soon as I commit ....)

I note for the record that there is the following minor issues that 
still needs to be resolved re permissiong:

   1. Debian server install prompts for username and password even for 
open section of site (true to form input of any username and password 
including blank ones works but it is annoying to have the form pop up). 
Interestingly on my mac this does *not* happen. Note that this means 
that one of the modpythontest test cases will fail on std debian ....

   2. Despite extensive mailing to mod_python lists still have an issue 
where a single url generates multiple calls to authenhandler issue. This 
may at some point turn out to be a performance problem but at present it 
has no effect on user experience so leaving. Extensive documenation of 
this issue:
   kforge.apache.modpython module comments



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