[kforge-dev] Changeset [1097]: Update KForge to use setuptools based setup.py. ...

10: Timeline admin at okfn.org
Wed Apr 25 20:28:15 UTC 2007

Update KForge to use setuptools based setup.py. 

This involved quite a bit of work because setuptools does not like installing data_files. Thus, now need to install KForge data manually after setup.py (and also need to ensure all required data is available in the egg). 

* trunk/setup.py: 

> Change to setuptools. 

* trunk/setup_helper.py: 

> No longer needed. 

* trunk/src/kforge/cli/data.py (A), 

> trunk/src/kforge/cli/datatest.py (A), trunk/src/kforge/cli/admin.py: kforge-admin data create functionality. 

  * cli/data.py extracts data using pkg_resources methods and installs to a user-defined (or default) location. 

* trunk/bin/kforge-makeconfig: 

> Need to create a new script which creates a config template (must be separate from kforge-admin since kforge-admin requires a config file to run). * trunk/INSTALL: Update installation instructions to use kforge-makeconfig and data create. 

* trunk/etc (D), 

> trunk/src/kforge/etc, trunk/src/kforge/etc/kforge.conf.new: Move etc directory inside kforge package. 

* trunk/MANIFEST.in: 

> Update MANIFEST.in with new data locations and correct some over-expansive includes. 

* trunk/www (D), 

> trunk/src/kforge/htdocs, trunk/src/kforge/htdocs/project: Move www folder inside kforge package and rename to htdocs.

URL: http://project.knowledgeforge.net/kforge/trac/changeset/1097

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